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Tierney Oberhammer [Hip-Hop Education[ - Interview

Tierney Oberhammer of Flocabulary [Hip-Hop Education]

Tierney Oberhammer is Director of Production at Flocabulary, working with rappers, singers & producers to make music that aligns with K-12 curriculum.
Ben Ortiz - Cornell Hip Hop Collection - Interview

Ben Ortiz [Hip-Hop Archiving, Hip-Hop Education]

Now, through the years, particularly when speaking to folks who don’t necessarily understand the full depth of hip-hop, I often like to point out...

Hip-Hop Can Hack Everything!

Hip-hop is a world-class disruptor. It has transformed music, popular culture, fashion, business and advertising, creating (and upending) massive industries in its wake. This...
Dr. Andrea Hunt, hip-hop education, hip-hop community

Dr. Andrea Hunt [Hip-Hop Education, Community Outreach]

Dr. Hunt developed and teaches a Sociology of Hip-Hop Culture course at the University of North Alabama

Still Fighting The Power

This 90-minute presentation examines the role of arts and culture -- specifically hip-hop -- in efforts to promote equality and battle against injustice. The interactive,...
Baba Brinkman Interview [Hip-Hop theater, science]

Baba Brinkman [Hip-Hop Theater, Science]

Our guess is that if you listening to this podcast, you’ve heard of a lil' ol' musical called Hamilton. The unlikely mix of hip-hop...