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The “Hip-Hop Can Save America!” podcast explores the innovative, inspiring, and sometimes surprising ways in which hip-hop music, culture, and sensibilities are being applied in areas such as education, science/technology, and health/wellness, among others, to improve lives, livelihoods, and communities throughout the nation, across all demographics.

Dubbed “The World’s Smartest Hip-Hop Podcast,” the show is produced, edited, and hosted by award-winning journalist Manny Faces, and has been selected as “recommended material” at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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Hip-Hop activism - Interview with Genesis Be


Previous Episodes

Hip-Hop Civics, Hip-Hop education interview with Ellect

Hip-Hop x Civics, Education & Activism with Ellect

On this episode of Hip-Hop Can Save America! aka ‘the world’s smartest Hip-Hop podcast’, how Hip-Hop can help civic engagement with artist, educator and activist Ellect.
Hip-Hop x Philosophy with Dr. Mark Sanders

We Think Very Deeply: Hip-Hop x Philosophy [Dr. Mark Sanders]

Yes. We think very deeply. This episode explores the intersection of Hip-Hop and philosophy with Dr. Mark Sanders of the University of North Carolina. 
Hip-Hop activism - Interview with Genesis Be

THIS Is What Hip-Hop Activism Looks Like [Genesis Be]

Genesis Be, a lifelong artist activist who has put her career, and life, on the line making politically charged music, groundbreaking public statements, and history.
Mental Health Therapy through Hip-Hop Beat Making - Dr. Elliot Gann interview

Mental Health Therapy Through Therapeutic Hip-Hop Beat Making with Dr. Elliot Gann

Dr. Elliot Gann of Today's Future Sound breaks down Therapeutic Beat Making, his acclaimed work in the field, and the neuroscience behind it all.
#HipHopEd Timothy David Jones Interview

Youth Empowerment, #HipHopEd, and God with Timothy David Jones

Scholar and minister, Jones incorporates Hip-Hop in his work educating and counseling young people, with remarkable results.
Corey James Gray / Illspokinn / Freestyle Mondays interview

Freestyle Mondays + 20 Years of Evolving Artistry with Corey James Gray (fka Illspokinn)

For close to 20 years, Corey James Gray (formerly known as Illspokinn) has been at the helm of live event series, Freestyle Mondays
Entrepreneurship, Independent Media & Self-Care Gems from Bondfire Radio

Entrepreneurship, Black Independent Media & Self-Care Gems from Bondfire Radio

Entrepreneurship, Independent Media & Self-Care Gems from TK Dutes and Conscious, owner-operators of online, community-oriented radio station, Bondfire Radio (www.bondfireradio.com).
#VTDITC: Hip-Hop Studies at Virginia Tech with Craig Arthur (Interview)

#VTDITC: Hip-Hop Studies at Virginia Tech with Craig Arthur

Criag Arthur heads the #VTDITCprogram which brings the college and the community together through Hip-Hop music and culture.
Hip-Hop, mental health therapy, youth counseling - Dr. Ian P. Levy on Hip-Hop Can Save America podcast

Hip-Hop Improving Mental Health Therapy & School Counseling with Dr. Ian P. Levy

How Hip-Hop music and culture are yielding positive results when applied in school counseling and mental heath therapy settings with youth
#HipHopHacks & The Mixtape Museum - Sommer interview

Hip-Hop x Technology + The Cultural Importance of Mixtapes with Sommer

Sommer runs the #HipHopHacks initiative that introduces young people to STEM/STEAM fields, and The Mixtape Musuem
Dr. Tasha Iglesias interview on Hip-Hop Can Save America podcast

Hip Hop Association of Advancement and Education President Dr. Tasha Iglesias

Dr. Tasha Iglesia is an educator and co-founder of nonprofit Hip Hop Association of Advancement and Education
Dr. Nate Nevado on Hip-Hop Can Save America podcast

Hip-Hop x College: Guiding Students to Success with Dr. Nate Nevado

Dr. Nate Nevado is a college educator and counselor using Hip-Hop music, culture, and lifestyle to help guide students to success
'Why White Christians Need Hip-Hop' with Delvyn Case

‘Why White Christians Need Hip-Hop’ with Delvyn Case

We discuss Delvyn Case's recent op-ed, "Why White Christians Need Hip-Hop." on the Hip-Hop Can Save America! podcast
#CultureFix interview - Nora Rahimian & Natalie Crue - Hip-Hop Can Save America podcast interview

Building Community, Connecting Creatives, and Facilitating Impact with #CultureFix

#Culturefix: A "global network of creatives making social impact," often intersecting with the Hip-Hop community to facilitate collaboration
Hip-Hop Remixed Fashion Industry - Elena Romero

How Hip-Hop Remixed The Fashion Industry with Elena Romero (Fashion Institute of Technology, Netflix...

Elena Romero, professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and author of Free Stylin': How Hip Hop Changed the Fashion Industry
Improving Public Health With Hip-Hop - Lori Rose Benson

Improving Public Health With Hip-Hop: Lori Rose Benson from Hip Hop Public Health

Lori Rose Benson, CEO and Executive Director of Hip Hop Public Health, a nonprofit that is "building health equity" through Hip Hop.
Social Justice Hip-Hop News Beat Podcast

Social Justice Meets Hip-Hop With Groundbreaking News Beat Podcast [LIVE 09-09-2020]

Award-winning News Beat podcast powerfully blends high-level social justice journalism with Hip-Hop music and original lyrics.
Critical Hip-Hop Pedagogy, Working with Institutions and Empowering Youth with Mikal Amin

Critical Hip-Hop Pedagogy, Working with Institutions and Empowering Youth with Mikal Amin [LIVE 09-10-2020]

Our guest on this episode, teaching and recording artist, educator, curator and Hip-Hop education advocate Mikal Amin
Ernie Paniccioli interview on Hip-Hop Can Save America podcast

Legendary Hip-Hop Photographer, Ernie Paniccioli

Our guest on this episode, legendary Hip-Hop photographer and author, Ernie Paniccioli
The art, science and universal applications of Freestyle Rap with David "BS" Bradshaw

The Art, Science, Brilliance, and Universal Applications of Freestyle Rap with David “BS” Bradshaw

How a sub-set of Hip-Hop can help enhance linguistic skills, mental acuity, and self-confidence, from the streets to the corporate boardroom.
Adum7 (fka MeccaGodzilla) interview on Hip-Hop Can Save America podcast

Hip-Hop Musicmaking, Black Panther, Healthy Living with ADUM7 [LIVE 09-03-20]

Our guest on this episode, multi-talented artist and producer, Adum7 (fka MeccaGodzilla, Ravage)
Hip-Hop Can Save America podcast livestream

Hip-Hop and Social Justice with Innocence Project Ambassador Silent Knight

Award-winning News Beat podcast artist in residence, Innocence Project ambassador, frontman for the incredible Band Called FUSE, and all-around cool cat, SILENT KNIGHT
Gangstagrass Podcast Interview: Hip-Hop & Bluegrass

Hip-Hop, Bluegrass & Freedom with Gangstagrass

Mashing up Hip-Hop and Bluegrass -- Groundbreakingly creative or a match made in unholy matrimony? Fusion group Gangstagrass says, just you listen.
Can't Stop Hop-Hop: The Education Movement at Harvard - Podcast recap

Can’t Stop Hip-Hop Education at Harvard University

We recap a conference at one of the most prestigious educational institutions examining how Hip-Hop music and culture can influence and uplift education.
Podcast episode - Interview with Dr. Lauren Leigh Kelly - Hip-Hop Education

How To ‘Keep It Real’ When It Comes To Hip-Hop Based Education – Dr....

Dr. Lauren Kelly teaches teachers how to teach using Hip-Hop music & culture -- We talk about why it works, and some things to watch out for. Plus, info on the Hip-Hop Youth Research & Activism conference.
Ben Merlis interview - Juice Crew, Cold Chillin' Records book

The Influence of Cold Chillin’ Records & the Juice Crew with Ben Merlis

Interview with Ben Merlis, author of Goin’ Off: The Story of the Juice Crew & Cold Chillin’ Records, exploring their influence on Hip-Hop history.

Hip-Hop Diplomacy with Mark Katz [Next Level]

The power of hip-hop diplomacy -- Using hip-hop to foster goodwill and bridge cultural divides across the globe.
Hip-Hop Music Education with Jarritt Sheel

Hip-Hop Music Education with Jarritt Sheel (Berklee College of Music)

Podcast interview with Jarritt Sheel of the Berklee College of Music about hip-hop music education, teaching hip-hop as music.
Hip-Hop and computer programming, coding - Podcast interview

Hip-Hop + Computer Coding with Richard Achee (Google, Python MC)

Interview with Google's Richard Achee who created 'Python MC' which uses hip-hop music to teach young people the basics of computer coding.

What The Jay-Z / NFL Deal Is Still Missing – AUDITORIAL

For a few days, the Jay-Z / NFL deal was all that anyone in hip-hop or sports was talking about. It was polarizing, and many people felt many types of ways about it. Now, after some time has passed, there remains one glaring mistake.

Hip-Hop Can Save America! Podcast Update + Jay Z’s REAL Mistake? – AUDITORIAL

An update on the future of our groundbreaking Hip-Hop Can Save America! podcast, plus, a quick take on hip-hop, social justice, and the one...
Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings - Hip-Hop Education pioneer, interview

Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings [Hip-Hop Education Pioneer] – Interview on the ‘Hip-Hop Can Save America!’...

The O.G. of culturally relevant pedagogy, the foundation of hip-hop-based education. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE HIP-HOP CAN SAVE AMERICA! PODCAST FOR FREE Many of...
Tierney Oberhammer [Hip-Hop Education[ - Interview

Tierney Oberhammer of Flocabulary [Hip-Hop Education] – Interview on the ‘Hip-Hop Can Save America!’...

Tierney Oberhammer is Director of Production at Flocabulary, working with rappers, singers & producers to make music that aligns with K-12 curriculum.
Ben Ortiz - Cornell Hip Hop Collection - Interview

Ben Ortiz [Hip-Hop Archiving, Hip-Hop Education] – Interview on the ‘Hip-Hop Can Save America!’...

CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE HIP-HOP CAN SAVE AMERICA! PODCAST FOR FREE Now, through the years, particularly when speaking to folks who don’t necessarily...
Baba Brinkman Interview [Hip-Hop theater, science]

Baba Brinkman [Hip-Hop Theater, Science] – Interview on the ‘Hip-Hop Can Save America!’ Podcast

In this episode, Manny Faces speaks with one of the innovators who has been rocking hip-hop theater for well over a decade in a...
Sage Salvo Interview

Sage Salvo [Hip-Hop Education, Literacy]

On this episode, Manny Faces speaks to artist, educator and entrepreneur Gil Perkins, aka Sage Salvo who, founded a literacy program called Words Liive.
Kevin Kosanovich interview

Kevin Kosanovich [Hip-Hop Archiving, Education]

Kevin Kosanovich founded the College of William & Mary Hip Hop Collection dedicated to documenting and preserving Virginia’s hip-hop history
Mikal Amin Interview

Mikal Amin [Hip-Hop Education, Events]

Mikal Amin (fka The Hired Gun) an interdisciplinary hip-hop artist and educator who has been manifesting music and message since 2000.
Hip Hop Fundamentals - Interview - Hip-Hop Can Save America podcast

Hip Hop Fundamentals [Hip-Hop Dance, Education]

Hip Hop Fundamentals is an educational company run by breakdancers, using "Breaking" to teach academic content, youth empowerment, and social issues.

Dr. Ian Levy [Hip-Hop Education, Hip-Hop Counseling, Therapy]

This episode, Manny Faces talks with Dr. Ian Levy about hip-hop and school counseling. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE HIP-HOP CAN SAVE AMERICA! PODCAST...
Hip-Hop education, hip-hop civics education

Dr. Bettina Love [Hip-Hop Education, Civics]

On this inaugural episode, host Manny Faces is joined by Dr. Bettina Love, an award-winning author and Associate Professor of Educational Theory & Practice at...