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The mission of The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy is to broaden public perception of hip-hop music and culture, ensuring that varied and continuing contributions to multiple fields and disciplines are fairly and accurately documented and communicated. The Center focuses on highlighting hip-hop’s contributions in areas including, but not limited to, music and the arts, education, activism, politics, community, health, sciences, well-being and philosophy. In simplest terms, we exist to help tell hip-hop’s complete story — past, present and future — from an independent perspective, to educate and inspire while protecting and promoting the cultural, artistic and community-based aspects of hip-hop as a whole.




Dr. Raphael Travis - The healing power of Hip-Hop

The Healing Power of Hip-Hop with Dr. Raphael Travis, Jr.

Professor & MSW program director Dr. Raphael Travis Jr. breaks down the 'healing power' of Hip-Hop music and culture
J.C. Hall interview on Hip-Hop Can Save America podcast

Hip-Hop x Therapy with J.C. Hall

Social worker & artist J.C. Hall breaks down how Hip-Hop can heal the wounds we can’t always see
Khafre Jay interview on Hip-Hop Can Save America! podcast

Hip-Hop x Youth Empowerment + Social Justice with Khafre Jay

Khafre Jay helms Hip Hop For Change, a nonprofit empowering youth, adults, and communities through the power of Hip-Hop music and culture

Hip-hop public speaker, presentation, workshop inquiry

Our Journalism

What The Jay-Z / NFL Deal Is Still Missing – AUDITORIAL

For a few days, the Jay-Z / NFL deal was all that anyone in hip-hop or sports was talking about. It was polarizing, and many people felt many types of ways about it. Now, after some time has passed, there remains one glaring mistake.

Hip-Hop Can Save America! Podcast Update + Jay Z’s REAL Mistake? – AUDITORIAL

An update on the future of our groundbreaking Hip-Hop Can Save America! podcast, plus, a quick take on hip-hop, social justice, and the one...

The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy Teams Up With Can’t Stop Hip-Hop! The Education Movement Conference at Harvard GSE

The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy is linking up with the Harvard Graduate School of Education as media sponsor for the 2019 Can’t...
Hip-hop at libraries, museums, universities

Libraries, Museums, and Universities Must Welcome Hip-Hop Into Their Halls

Libraries, museums, and universities must include hip-hop culture in their programming in thoughtful, authentic ways.

Hip-Hop-infused Social Justice Journalism Podcast Wins Top NY Press Club Award

News Beat, which expertly blends hard-hitting journalism with hip-hop music, has snagged a top honor in the 2018 New York Press Club Journalism Awards. The...
Lonzo Ball, Nas and hip-hop music

Defending Nas: Why Responses to Lonzo Ball’s “Outdated” Comments Miss The Point

Responses to Lonzo Ball's comments about his taste in music, and Nas in particular, miss the chance to explain what "relevancy" in hip-hop really means
Hip Hop Hacks - Drum machine build

‘Hip-Hop Hacks’ Event Series Highlights Technological Innovation Fueled by Youth Culture and Lifestyle

It was MacGuyver meets DJ Premier. In one area of Spotify's sprawling New York offices, a small group of young men and women watched as...

With Response to “Anti-Cop” Rapper, NYPD Brass (Again) Evinces Cultural Bias, Ignorance

A NY Post story exhibited an egregious, disrespectful bias against hip-hop artist and FDNY Captain Kasseem “Ka” Ryan. The NYPD response was inappropriate.
NYPD Commissioner William Bratton - Irving Plaza shooting - hip hop / rap

Dear Commissioner William Bratton: Irving Plaza Shooting Is a People Problem, Not a Rap Problem

Blaming rap music or the hip-hop community for the violence at Irving Plaza demonstrates a gross cultural misunderstanding -- and possible attempt at scapegoating -- that has no place in a police commissioner's office
Afrika Bambaataa allegations, hip-hop and the media

Statement on Afrika Bambaataa Allegations, Hip-Hop and the Media

We feel it is important to provide some guidance as to how this, and other serious matters that involve hip-hop culture, should be covered in the media.
NY Post, Chance The Rapper, Phil Mushnick

NY Post, Phil Mushnick: Bigotry Has No Place In Sports Commentary

Uninformed, inflammatory language like Mushnick's attack on Chance The Rapper has no place in journalism.

Hip-Hop Hacks: Young Hackers x Mixtape Museum x Spotify to Host Tech/Music Hackathon Event

The 2-day event will take place at Spotify’s NYC office where high school students will study hip-hop elements and participate in code and music workshops