The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy Teams Up With Can’t Stop Hip-Hop! The Education Movement Conference at Harvard GSE

The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy is linking up with the Harvard Graduate School of Education as media sponsor for the 2019 Can’t Stop Hip-Hop! The Education Movement Conference, taking place on Saturday, April 6, 2019.

The free, full-day conference event, orchestrated by artist and GSE instructor Aysha Upchurch, will feature speakers, workshops and sessions focused on the intersection of education with hip-hop arts, music, culture, and lifestyle. The conference will also feature performances and “open mic” time, to ensure that the arts are not only spoken about, but witnessed as well.

“This is a conference that will feel like a day-long jam,” promises Upchurch. “Participants will get to explore music, dancing, graffiti, cyphers, and knowledge-building, and there will be artists, educators, and innovators from across the local Boston area and nationwide.”

The conference is an extension of what Upchurch teaches, as well as her work at the helm of HipHopEX at the GSE, an experimental lab “where graduate and local high school students can experience, explore, and experiment with the varied roles and possibilities for Hip Hop arts in educational settings.” The lab launched in 2018.

The CHHA will be on hand to interview organizers, participants, and attendees, providing a documentary account of the important issues being addressed and explored, all which aim to further validate the importance and acceptance of hip-hop as a serious tool for learning. The coverage will be aired as a special episode of our podcast, “Hip-Hop Can Save America!” (

The event is free and open to the public, and Upchurch welcomes artists, students, and parents as well as educators and administrators. “Based on the four principles of Hip Hop, peace, love, unity, and having fun, this conference will be full of rich, artful opportunities to envision future possibilities in Hip Hop education.”

For more information, or to register for the Can’t Stop Hip-Hop! The Education Movement conference, visit their Eventbrite page at