#HipHopInnovates 0002 – The importance of hip-hop in libraries, museums, and universities

On this episode of #HipHopInnovates with Manny Faces, I spoke about the importance of including hip-hop-related programming in legacy institutions — libraries, museums, and universities, highlighting recent examples from the Newark Public Library, in Newark, New Jersey.

I shared my writeup of one of those events, as well as a full editorial on the topic written after attending another, which I invite everyone to read, and share — It’s vital for getting the institutions that haven’t thought much about hip-hop, to open their eyes to the relevance and brilliance of hip-hop, past, present, and future, and incorporate it into their halls.

Let us know in the comments or on social media about legacy institutions that ARE recognizing hip-hop properly, we’d love to know about them!

These videos will highlight a couple of current news items, and an ‘Artist of the Day,’ someone who is going above and beyond mere entertainment — Plus an occasional commentary here and there, notices about related upcoming conferences and events, and more, all in short clips that I plan to drop every weekday.

For more information, suggestions, or gushing compliments, feel free to reach out at info@hiphopadvocacy.org or via social media.

Thanks for your time.

— Manny Faces

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New Hip-Hop exhibition leads Newark Library’s Black History Month celebration https://bit.ly/2V6P1Wv (via Brick City Live)

Legacy Institutions Must Welcome Hip-Hop Into Their Halls – https://bit.ly/2XdmekV

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