Hip-Hop x Youth Empowerment + Social Justice with Khafre Jay

Khafre Jay interview on Hip-Hop Can Save America! podcast

On this episode of Hip-Hop Can Save America! — My talk with Khafre Jay, executive director of Hip Hop For Change, a nonprofit that is empowering youth, adults, and entire communities through the power of Hip-Hop music and culture.


Peace and love everyone, it’s your friendly neighborhood Hip-Hop advocate Manny Faces. It occurs to me each time I do an episode of Hip-Hop Can Save America! that I don’t entirely know who’s listening. I imagine some of you are practitioners or educators in some field, using Hip-Hop as a powerful, motivating tool to teach or inspire in some way. You might be someone in one of those fields that is curious about how Hip-Hop can be used in those ways. You might be in a totally unrelated field, not know much about Hip-Hop at all, and are curious — or even skeptical — about how Hip-Hop could possibly be used to help empower people.

First of all, feel free to let me know! We’ll probably do a listener survey at some point, but in the meantime, feel free to shoot an email to podcast@hiphopcansaveamerica.com and just say hi or something!

Second of all, no matter what camp you’re in. You’re going to hear from someone today that is as much an advocate for all of the above — as well as the need for the positive representation of the art and culture — as anyone I’ve interviewed so far. As founder and executive director of Bay Area California’s Hip-Hop For Change, Khafre Jay helms a multi-pronged nonprofit, orchestrating all sorts of programs and initiatives that have been working to empower and uplift individuals and communities, and advocate for social justice through the power of Hip-Hop music and culture. We’ll hear how activism nonprofit experience from outside of Hip-Hop can be applied to the advancement of these ideas, how their growing org had to pivot due to the pandemic, and his plans to use Hip-Hop to help save America, and its traditionally underserved and oppressed citizens, one big city at a time.

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Enjoy my talk with Khafre Jay from Hip-Hop For Change.