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(aka "Where does my money go?")

Your donations will help in the following ways:


Original reporting that highlights hip-hop’s expansive artistic and cultural contributions. Advocacy journalism that challenges misconceptions and misdirection about the music and culture.

Your donation will help us cover the direct costs of content creation, including writers, editors, photographers, videographers, and the distribution of content across multiple media,formats and technologies.


Examining hip-hop’s reputation, the trends in attitudes and activities related to hip-hop, and hip-hop’s role in the arts, culture, community, education, politics, activism, philosophy and more.

Your donation will help us cover the direct costs associated with data collection, and the communication of the research findings across multiple media and formats.


Constant communication with the public is vital. Hip-hop is a proven tool for teaching as well as healing.

Your donation will help us cover the direct costs of conducting workshops and town hall meetings discussing how the hip-hop community & social issues intersect, as well as educational seminars helping to demonstrate hip-hop’s vast artistic, cultural and educational merit.

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