Baba Brinkman [Hip-Hop Theater, Science] – Interview on the ‘Hip-Hop Can Save America!’ Podcast

Baba Brinkman on "Hip-Hop Can Save America" with Manny Faces

Our guess is that if you listening to this podcast, you’ve heard of a lil’ ol’ musical called Hamilton. The unlikely mix of hip-hop and live theater caught many mainstreamers off guard with its multi-cultural, multi-genre approach to the stage.

But what not enough people know, is that Hamilton is not a one-off. Hip-hop and live theater have a history that far precedes and expands way past Lin Manuel Miranda’s hit show.

In this episode, Manny Faces speaks with one of the innovators who has been rocking hip-hop theater for well over a decade in a very unique way — merging intellectually deep, topical dives with beat, rhymes and performative art.

From climate change to evolution to religion to how the brain actually works, Baba Brinkman pens and performs incredibly memorable experiences pairing hip-hop music and culture with the most complex issues of our time, and does so with brilliance, humor, and a universal appeal that stretches from the block to Broadway.

His current show, The Rap Guide To Consciousness, takes place four nights a week at NYC’s Soho Playhouse. CLICK HERE FOR SHOWTIMES.

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